Stone & Brick Paver Sealing

McBride Pro-Seal provides brick paver sealing to residential home owners throughout the Naples, FL area. As a boutique style business, we are selective in the jobs we take and prioritize quality over quantity with our output.

Regardless of whether you have a brick driveway, walkway, patio or lanai, your property could benefit from our brick paver sealing services. Our brick paving services will remove all unwanted dirt, weeds and other debris, and then our sealer will help harden the sand between the bricks and sturdily hold them in place.

We use Cobble Loc, a commercial sealant produced in Florida for Florida.


  • Water based sealer for concrete pavers, natural stone and concrete surfaces

  • Eco-friendly and low VOCs (less than 50g/l)

  • Pressure clean and seal bricks same day

  • Same wet look and enhancement as solvent based sealers

  • Provides water and tire marking resistance

  • May be applied over damp surfaces

  • Helps lock down joint sand

  • Inhibits weed growth and anthills

  • Catalyzed product that provides chemical resistance to gasoline and oil leakage

  • Excellent paver sealer and protectant from various stains

Undoubtedly, our process will help restore the original luster your pavers and help with ongoing maintenance.

To learn more about the benefits of our brick paver sealing services, call or email us today.