Tips on Maintaining Brick Pavers

Brick Paver Job

When brick pavers are first used to create a walkway or patio, they typically look beautiful. However, over time, brick pavers start to look dull and lifeless from every day wear and staining. In some cases, weeds grow in between your pavers or mold and moss gather in the crevices causing your walkway or patio… Read more »

The Benefits of Pressure Washing

Outdoor Patio Being Pressure Washed

At McBride Pro-Seal, one of the many services we offer to home owners in the Collier County, FL area is pressure washing (power washing). We recommend that pavers be washed once or twice a year to clear out unwanted mold, debris, or fungus that has accumulated. Cleaning helps restore pavers to their original glow and… Read more »

Paver Education

The term “Paver” covers concrete, natural stone, clay brick or even porcelain pavers.  Each has its own characteristics necessitating different cleaning and sealing regimens .  Your driveway and your neighbors may both be made of concrete pavers but your batch might be more porous and soak up more liquid.  We use whatever amount of sealant… Read more »