What is your paver cleaning and sealing process?
We carefully evaluate the type and condition of the pavers on your property, then we thoroughly hydro-scrub them and remove all dirt, weeds and debris. After hydro scrubbing we wad wash and / or hose rinse as necessary.  If sealing, we apply the needed number and thickness of coats of sealant to make sure your paver finish is durable.

How long does the cleaning and sealing process take?
We don’t try to fit in as many jobs as possible in a day, and instead take our time getting detail right. As such, our process generally takes one to two days, depending on the area, condition and complexity of the job.  Specific needs are the main driver of the process.  The sealant needs approximately three days to cure before you can drive a car and its hot tires on the drive.  Heat and humidity are factors in the drying time.  If it is tacky to the touch, err on the side of caution.

What do you with your equipment?
Whenever we enter or leave a job, we make sure to take our equipment with us. Our equipment gets cleaned each day and we never come to your home with dirty equipment, nor will we leave our used supplies sporadically across your property.

How often should you have your pavers cleaned and sealed?
We recommend having your pavers cleaned annually or semi annually and sealed every other year as a general rule of thumb.  Your property’s sun and rain exposure as well as the porosity and composition of your stone ultimately determine your schedule.  We want your pavers to maintain their luster and serve as a visually pleasing feature on your property.